Murder Doll House

Sonny & the Sunsets- Cheap Extensions

"I'll follow you anywhere"

Animated/Directed by Teppei Ando
Written for the Screen by Sonny Smith & Teppei Ando
for album, Talent Night at the Ashram on Polyvinyl Records

Sonny & the Sunsets- Cheap Extensions

The Makers

  • writer/director/animator:

    Teppei Ando

  • writers:

    Sonny Smith & Teppei Ando

  • :

Sonny & the Sunsets- Cheap Extensions

The Players

  • Song & Music:

    Sonny & the Sunsets


Keepin Busy


Stumbled on another positive review for CHEAP EXTENSIONS ( Haven’t read a bad one yet, but please don’t take that as a challenge).
“For many indieland bands, animated music videos have often become cheap, quickie, junior year art class level knock-offs, but this is a truly arresting and fun clip, one of the best animated videos we’ve seen in awhile”
Thanks, CMJ!

I’m pretty much finished with my work on next music video project (mentioned below) except one final stretch. This one should show people a new level of music video making in the stuff I’ve been involved with. Really hoping people will dig it

Cheap Extensions premiers on NPR


Hi! Trying to do a quick update using my phone as I don’t have internet yet in my new apartment.

I’ve been excited about and wanting to share the release of rhe new music video I created for Sonny & the Sunsets, CHEAP EXTENSIONS.  We were very fortunate to have it premier on NPR! They did a nice write up for it and I’m honored to hv it shown on such a incredible platform.

Here are some other writeups about it if you are interested.
Though I am humbled and really just along for the musical ride,  it feels great to have the effort well received after so much hard work.
Thank you to Sonny & Polyvinyl Records for trusting me to tell their tale.

Happy Thanksgiving,  and thank you to all those who watch and read my stories!

LA bound


whew! sometimes life gives you a crossroad out of nowhere and you just have to take a path. Well without getting into a long story, I’m making the voyage to Los Angeles by Halloween. I’m excited. I’m going to miss Oakland and all the inspiration it’s given me in the years but it’s time to try making art in a different environment.



on 08/28/14, I’ll be showing my animations and hanging art along with Adam Davis for Libros Libres event

(510) 418-8194

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