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Teppei Ando

Teppei Ando lives and works in Los Angeles. He is originally an immigrant from Japan. Don’t let that confuse you tho…


PolyVinyl Records, Skylight Books, Meltdown Comics, Oakland Museum of California, The Sam Chase, Fat Possum Records, Tricycle Records, Criterion Records, Antenna Farm Records ,Turn Up Records, Moonpix Films, the San Francisco Chronicle, FEA Merch, Warp Tour, SKRATCH MAGAZINE, Milita Group, Journey, Criterion Records Paramount Consulting, Fishworks Design, Noise Magazine, Signature Networks

Work in Press

Juxtapoz (feature)
Stereogum (review)
SF Weekly (review)
LA Music Blog (review)
CMJ (review)
Free Press Houston (review)
East Bay Express  (feature)
NPR  (premiere, review)
SPIN (review)
The Bay Bridged (feature)
Buzz bands (review)
Aint It Cool News (review)
Oakland Local (feature)


Gallery Exhibitions


Oakland Museum of California-featured artist, Zines & Print event

Mark Moore Gallery (curator)

Tilde Libre (animation Screening)

I Hella Love Shorts Film Fest- Oakland, CA (animation screening)

Exhibit S – Sacramento, CA


Rock Paper Scissors (group show, curator and participant)

New Parkway Theater (animation screening)

Giant Robot Post It Show (group show)

SF Indie Film Fest (animation screening)

63 Bluxome Street Gallery, SF, CA (group show)


Oakland Underground Film Festival (animation screening)

Roll Up Gallery (group show)

Rock Paper Scissors (group show, +curator)

Los Angeles Back Yard Film Night


Local 123- (group show, +curator)

Swarm Gallery- Oakland (group show)

Local 123- (group show, +curator)


Cinders Gallery- Brooklyn, NY (group show)

Gallery 16- San Francisco, CA (group show)

False Front Gallery- Portland, OR (group show)

Gallery Royale- San Francisco, CA (group show)

American Steel- Oakland, CA (group show)


Swee(t)Art Gallery @ COMPOUND (group show)-Berkely,CA

Gallery Royale (Solo Show) San Fransisco, CA

ROCK PAPER SCISSORS (group show +curator) Oakland, CA


Museo Dei Tarocchi- Italy


Toy Room Gallery- Santa Rosa

The Crocodile- Seattle

Transmission gallery- Berkley


Mezzanine: Chillin’ Productions- San Francisco


Academy of art Springshow

Over Hung @ Boontling Gallery, Oakland CA

Ghosts and Monsters group show (curator/ participant) @Nexus Gallery, Berkley CA

Academy of Art Winter show, San Francisco, CA


Do it for the kids fundrasier – Emeryville CA

Not in our name Protest show -Oakland CA

Academy of Art Spring show -San francisco CA


The Gremlin Quarterly vol 3


The 3rd issue of The Gremlin Quarterly (a FREE to PUBLIC Comix-Strip Magazine) in which I serve as editor and creative director, is now printed and being distributed personally!!!
The new issue (ROMANTICO) features comix-strip work by Teppei Ando, David Ball, Blood Worldiest, Tanya Brodsky, Kelly Correll Brown, Thomas Busch, Alika Cooper, Mary Delioussina, Jen Dunjen, Sam G, Justin Gabbard, Ryan Graber, Sam Hepburn, Matt Hewitt, Spencer Hicks, Kara Joslyn, Koak, Camille Kolodziejski, L.A. Takedown, Jonah Fernandez Olson, Jessica Owen, Casey Jex Smith, Sonny Smith, Marci Washington, Miles Wintner
w special musical guest, Shannon and the Clams
full details here! (

Meanwhile on this end I have been super busy animating segments for The Gremlin Hour, an anthology cult/punk animation/shortfilm anthology show. It’s gonna be rad…  Don’t want to rush it…. Also released a new cassette with NIGHT AUDITOR, whom I recently animated that video, HIGHER for!.  If you want to keep up to date w me I suggest following my personal or @TheGremlinQUarterly feeds on Instagram.

Night Auditor- Higher Video is Here!


The music video for NIGHT-AUDITOR’s Higher is here! and above!
I love Indie-rock as probably anyone who’s had the privileged to get one of my mix-Cds (or even a Mix Recordddd, huhhhh Angel, huhhhh???)or disprivledged to live in the room next door to my studio (Hey, I asked that guy constantly if he wanted me to turn it down and he kept saying “no, it helps me to go to sleep” so if you heard otherwise, that’s the facts. I also would switch the music to evening allnighter jams when he got home)
I have never done a music-video that was Indie-Funk Rock though.The organic blends of guitar, horn, keys really gave me new life when choosing colors with this one, and I had so much fun with the Brazilian setting.
When I asked Night-Auditor if he had any favorite streets in Brazil I could draw he didn’t even skip a beat naming off like 5 of them. That’s why i had so much fun with this project. This dude gives a shit about what he’s doing, he’s passionate and sincere and I’m sure if he keeps hustling he will find a healthy audience.

Gremlin Comix & Musixfest vol 1


Saturday 08/20
The first ever GREMLIN COMIX & MUSIX fest, featuring artwork, zines, graphic novels and crafts from our Gremlin Regulars, Live Comix Readings annnndddd
ROCK N ROLL!!! @teppeiando is gonna play songs from his Needs-To-Be-Completed Rock Opera Record-Zine, Kimball 3 as well as songs from Kimball 2, Steganothings and even a hint of Dinomight Cop. Here’s him playing with his last band The Steganothings (Liz Dunning on Co-Vocals, Nicole Calhoun on bass and David Pene on Drums)
Presented by Echo Park Rising! > 2:30 – Comix Reading
> 3:15 Shutups
> 4:00 Kimball 3
> 4:45 Comix Reading
> 5:30 Hi My Name is Ryan
> 6:15 Shutups (take 2!!) 1534 Sunset blvd. The Lost Room Be there and beware

Announcement Teaser


Gremlin 2 has been getting positive responses… GOOD!!! Cause it’s a great issue!!!

I’m also glad cause the buzz convinced Echo Park Rising to allow us to curate a set for their grand festival!
So naturally being a lover of Indie Rock and Punk that is exactly the kind of show I’m going to set up along with artwork on display by the contributors to our magazine.
The day will be Saturday Aug 20th at The Lost Room (1534 w Sunset, LA)
Right now talking with SHUTUPS! (oakland) FALA, and hoping to get this band I am in love with, haven’t finalized yet. Anyways this is just an announcement teaser. Full Poster will have all that info!

Working towards Gremlin Vol 3 (the Romantico Issue). I’m getting pretty excited about this upcoming issue…
Our visiting contributors include such talents asCasey Jex Smith, Kara Joslyn, Moses Saarni, Justin Gabbard, Sam Hepburn Bloodworldliest, Marci Washington, Kelly Correll Brown, Mary Delioussina,Tanya Brodsky, David Ball, Anna Koak, Camille Kolodziejski and special Musical Guest, Shannon and the Clams!
This is including our brilliant Gremlin Regulars including Teppei Ando Spencer Hicks, Matt Hewitt,Miles Wintner, Jessica Owen, Thomas Busch,Sonny Smith, L.A. Takedown, Antwon Jackson,Jonah Fernandez Olson..

See You Soon!!!

(510) 418-8194

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