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Baggage Claim

the mystery of the Trunk Murderess

Based on actual court hearings, Baggage Claim is the perspective bending story of Winnie Ruth Judd, widely known as the Trunk Murderess. The facts, Ms. Judd arrived on a overnight express train from Arizona with 2 large suitcases. What was inside those cases were unimaginably horrific. Now we hear the opposing attorney’s version of the story as well as Ms. Judd’s final chance to clear her name. Is she a femme fetale or a victim of circumstance?

Baggage Claim

The Makers:

  • Screenplay/ Animation:

    Teppei Ando

  • Music:

    John Arana

Baggage Claim

The Players:

  • Winnie Ruth Judd:

    Kelli Thompson-Jones

  • Mr. Speedman:

    Jonah Olson

  • Sammy:

    Hallie Fryd

  • Anne:

    Tamar Solomon

  • Happy Jack:

    Derek Wood

  • Bag Boy:

    Meiyen Shipek

  • Mr. Stevenson:

    Justin Greenwood


Cheap Extensions premiers on NPR


The new music video I created for Sonny & the Sunsets, CHEAP EXTENSIONS premiered on NPR!

Here are some other writeups about it if you are interested.

Thank you to Sonny & Polyvinyl Records for trusting me to tell their tale. I really enjoyed making this one.

Happy Thanksgiving,  and thank you to all those who watch and read my stuff

LA bound


whew! sometimes life gives you a crossroad out of nowhere and you just have to take a path. Well without getting into a long story, I’m making the voyage to Los Angeles by Halloween. I’m excited. I’m going to miss Oakland and all the inspiration it’s given me in the years but it’s time to try making art in a different environment.



on 08/28/14, I’ll be showing my animations and hanging art along with Adam Davis for Libros Libres event

The Great Starbucks Run


The 2nd episode of 9 to 5 has been added above! This one is in Steve-O-Vision.

Taking a break to work on a project with an old friend..

(510) 418-8194

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