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Murder Doll House

Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts interviews ultra talented artist, Marci Thompson. We discuss a wide variety of engaging topics all while she prepares a delicious pulled pork centered meal. Rather epic and hilarious.

Culinary Arts

The Makers:

  • Talent:

    Marci Washington

  • Director/"Illustrations":

    Teppei Ando

Culinary Arts

The Players:

  • Marci Washington:

    As Herself


The Great Starbucks Run


The 2nd episode of 9 to 5 has been added above! I don’t want the rapid release of 9 to 5 shorts to shove out the other films so I’m gonna just creat a single poster for 9 to 5, and have the most recent short linked to it, and the other episodes can be reached through that.
Maybe in long run I’d like to get a 2nd carousel for 9 to 5 shorts only. Each episode is designed to be stand alone, and there’s a movie genre riffing theme I’m going to continue… it’d be fun to get them all lined up.

In other news, I just got started on a new Art Exhibition for SFSU College to open Late SEPT. I’ll be curating the show for RPS-Zines and showing art from my Zines with comrades, Lenae Day, Deth P Sun, Adam Davis & Joakim Drescher.

9 to 5- Aint It Cool News review



Nice! Real quick, here’s a sweet writeup/showing of How to Survive 9 to 5 on AINT IT COOL SHORTS !
Thanks Mike, for the kind words and opportunity to share with new audience.

Working on ep 2 right now, hoping to complete for this week!

There’s some early talk of a fun zine event collaboration with Libros Libres for a zine event/screening. But more on that later… see you soon with ep 2! its super funny, I promise

Welcome to your 9 to 5!!


Happy Independence Day! Nothing celebrates American living more than… GETTING TO WORK!

Welcome to your new 9 to 5 short cartoons series!
The first episode is ready for your viewing above!
Each episode will explore further in the depth of Office Hell with a new topic and set of dangers awaiting you. Get started with meeting your coworkers!
I plan to have these available on a bi-weekly schedule. We’ll have to fine-tune the schedule, but hope to see you back in 2 weeks for a new super funny adventure from the mind of Steve (played by Derek Wood)
See you soon, and have a great weekend!!- Teppei

Back in the studio


Hey there true believers. Had a few really fun weeks recently. We had a Zine release party at Rock Paper Scissors, where I premiered my New Zine, MURDER DOLLHOUSE #4- SHORT CUTS, a book featuring shorts in a comic strip format. Each Zine comes with a board game cover w/ dice and game pieces.

Then, the following Friday we were lucky enough to have a table at Oakland Museum of California’s ZINE SALON event. On top of that I got to collaborate on designing screen print pamphlet give-a-way at the event. My favorite part was drawing a Zinefest scene. I produced a 11X17 print of the Zine Fest which has been a popular item so far. Both the new zine and print are now available in the gift shop.

Now, I’m back in the studio in full production of the next big animation project. This one will switch things up quite a bit to a series of shorts based on the world of my most popular zine, HOW TO SURVIVE WORKING 9 to 5.This will be an ongoing series that I hope I can get rolling on a pretty regular basis. Like the zine, each episode will standalone centered on a topic but there will be an continuous story which connects each “season”. Some topics from the Zine will be re-explored but told quite differently in this new format.

The new show will feature music by Richard Houghton (BLOOMY PETAL) and feature actors from the True Macabre Trilogy (Kelli Thompson, Derek Wood, Hallie Fryd, Marci Washington Erik Thompson…) as well as several fresh voices. I can promise that it’s going to be a really funny series and hopefully mundanely grand in scope. Stay tuned!


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