Murder Doll House


come on in out of the cold, Dear

In 1988, 2 police officers arrive at 1418 F Street in search of a man reported missing by a local Social Worker. Investigation on the home begins to unearth 3 decades of secrets kept hidden just underneath the surface.
Deadly Garden is the final entry in the True Macabre trilogy, and is by far the most ambitious. Both chilling, darkly funny and even heart breaking this story proves that even in the most non-assuming American neighborhood can harbor the darkest threats.
Written and Animated by Teppei Ando with music by Evan Kertman, orginal songs by Postcoitus

Premiered at The New Parkway Theater (Oakland) for IMAGINARY MOVIES


The Makers:

  • Animation, Screenplay:

    Teppei Ando

  • Original Songs:


  • Music:

    Evan Kertman

  • Music:

    Devon McClive

  • Music:

    Richard Houghton


The Players:

  • Dorathea Puente:

    Kelli Thompson-Jones

  • Cabera:

    Teppei Ando

  • Leigh:

    Meiyen Shipek

  • Mr. Dunn:

    Erik Thompson

  • Dean:

    Jonah Olson

  • Daizy:

    Nnkay Fitzclarke

  • Deidre Hormill:

    Renee Nichols

  • Ernesto De La Mora:

    Kyle "Badger" Ross

  • Fred (husband #1):

    Matt Hewitt

  • Carlos (husband #3):

    Aaron Olson

  • Private Doofy/ Neil:

    David Pene

  • Loretta (Prostitute roommate):

    Aeri Swedson

  • Heather (social worker)/ Kate (Bank Teller):

    Maggie O

  • Ernesto De La Mora:

    Kyle "Badger" Ross

  • Ehbin Prudence:

    Evan Kertman

  • Jenny (Diedre's "step neice"):

    Tracy Whitford

  • Darwin:

    Derek T Wood

  • Cheif Brough:

    Becca Minkoff

  • Defense Attorney Bongaurd:

    Liz Dunning

  • Joe Cameo:

    Derek McCall


Gremlins 2, the new batch is coming


Got some good stuff on the way. The Gremlins vol 2, is in the works and it’s looking to be even better than the first. A lot of our regulars are returning including Alika Cooper, Spencer Hicks, Sonny Smith, Shayde Sartin Sonia Hayden, Matt Hewitt, Jonah Olson,  Antwon Jackson, LA Takedown, Miles Wintner, Jessica Owen and more but joining us are some exciting new blood including Max Clotfelter (Intruder Comics), Kelly Froh (Seattle Short Run, Heather Sundquist , Seeing Trails, Josh Bayer, LUCIUS, Ben Montero , Ryan Graber and the great fantastic legendary illustrator Henrik Dreschner. It’s gonna be off the hook!!!

On a personal level Ive been working on a lot of illustration work as well. If only I knew how to expand my gallery to add more images. But if you are interested please follow me on instagram or tumblr!!!
One recent piece I’m very proud of recently is the album art I made for my good friend Richard Houghten’s limited edition new records! They came out so beautiful. Each record is totally unique!!

The Gremlin Quarterly is here!


The big project I have been organizing is finally coming to Los Angeles

THE GREMLIN QUARTERLY, a free to public comix collective (
These are formatted in Sunday Newspaper comic section style and will be distributed in every book shop, coffee shop, record shop and comic book shop in Los Angeles we can get them into, starting Saturday March 12th

Vol 1. of The Gremlin Quarterly will feature original comix work from these fine artists from Gallery Artists, Illustrators, Comic Artists, Musicians and even Wood Workers.
 Teppei Ando, Tommy Busch, Conor Collins, Alika Cooper, Lenae Day, Liz Dunning, Evah Fan, Justin Greenwood, Sonia Hayden, Matt Hewitt, Spencer Hicks, Richard Houghten, Antwon Jackson, Greg Jezewski, Danny Jimenez, Peter Lalish, Eydie McConnell, Brendan Monroe, Jonah …Olson, Jessica Owen, Nick Perry, Sonny Smith, L.A.Takedown, Jim Tozzi, Joyce Tsang, Marci Washington, Eric Wesley, Miles Winter and April Wolfe.
1/10 copies will include a special bonus 7″ SEE/READ/HEAR comix record, and we’re limiting the locations where these will be exclusive to 4 stores. Those locations will be, Skylight Books, Giant Robot, Stories Books & Coffee and Origami Records

So go get your Gremlin, and pass on the word. Follow @thegremlinquarterly on Instagram to keep up with updates on who will be joining us for Vol 2!

Happy New Year


It’s a new year, it’s been a while since I’ve posted an update :). Recently I’ve been working on some music related projects (should all post soon) and was on a hiatus from personal creative projects.
But  in the past few months I’ve been organizing a new collaborative project which includes many exciting talents. I will be updating more information regarding the new project, THE GREMLIN soon. Stay tuned 🙂


Happy Carrot Health Food Store


new video for Sonny & the Sunsets got dropped on Vice-Noisey.
Collaboration with mastermind Sonny, Black and White film Jim Granato and animation by me.
Stoked on how it came out. It’s an epic song, glad we got to do it. I had my doubts that we could pull it off, but I think we did.
I described it to some friends as a Sesame Street style video with narrative device switch ups.
The review on The Bay Bridged said basically the same thing. Haha. I could totally see Sonny having his own children’s show style thing

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