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Why Do All The Kids Love Murder Doll House?

Why do all the kids love Murder Dollhouse films and comics?
Marci Washington reports!

Why Do All The Kids Love Murder Doll House?

The Makers:

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    Teppei Ando

Why Do All The Kids Love Murder Doll House?

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  • Reporter:

    Marci Washington


Change of Address (my personal Los Angeles story)


Interesting days are here for me and Murder Dollhouse.
At of the beginning of November I made the jump to the promised land, Hollywood. As of now I’ve been couch surfing for over a week, now with a week to go until my new place is opened to me.

Luckily I have tons of awesome friends who have been more than welcoming. Though I’ve been having a great time catching up with old friends, as a sensitive-nervous type it’s also been kind of intense jumping from one life to the next. But that will all change when I get to move into my apartment and set up my art studio again. So excited!!

It has been hard not having my art supplies and drawing table (built for me by Liz Dunning **Marty Chronicles**), the only piece of art I’ve done is this doodle on a scratch piece of paper while chilling with Derek Wood **9 to 5/Deadly Garden/Baggage Claim**. I have been sound editing for 9 to 5 and getting scripts ready. I’m pretty excited for the upcoming 9 to 5 episodes, just listening to the actors playing out the dialogue was making me snicker loudly. I also have been working on a new Zine (which will be an audio/visual experience)
Anyways. can’t wait to get back to drawing and animating!!! See you soon!

LA bound


whew! sometimes life gives you a crossroad out of nowhere and you just have to take a path. Well without getting into a long story, I’m making the voyage to Los Angeles by Halloween. I’m excited. I’m going to miss Oakland and all the inspiration it’s given me in the years but it’s time to try making art in a different environment.

I’m just working on the final scenes of my new music video. I’ve been in competition with the videos I’ve done before, and I think this might just be the best one. I think I always feel that way, but that’s a good driving force, to out do yourself. Anyways, with music videos it’s not dialouge I’m selling, it’s music. So there’s always special focus on visuals. And this one has a really unpredictable story and my best animation work yet (I think)

I’m having a big birthday/goodbye party on October 18th, all are welcome. We’re all leaving the historic CAVOUR HOUSE so we’re gonna rager it up as much as we can. Me and my old pal Sam Hoffman, whom I used to perform my original Rock Opera all over Oakland with back in 2006-2007, are reuniting one time only to perform my new Rock Opera, KIMBALL 3 at this party. I’m working towards a Visual/Audio Zine for this Rock Opera, and want to perform it around LA. But I’m really looking forward to rocking it out fast and hard with Sam one time.

Oh, real quick. I’ll be visiting Berkley City College on my actual birthday, October 18th to be on a panel about Mixed Media. I took one flash class at this school and it started all of this. I got hooked, I felt so inspired by this class and it was only like $120 or something. I made my first Sonny & the Sunsets video as a final Project (I got an A). It’ll be fun to visit and show how much I’ve progressed with technique. But I want to show how it all rooted from that 1 class, it’s all about building on your world. It’s at 1pm, October 17th. Maybe I’ll see you there!



SF Zinefest is this weekend! I’ll be tabeling this year with/for RPS Collective so come by and say hi and chat awhile!
I’ll be there both Saturday and Sunday.
Also, Friday 08/28 I’ll be hanging out with my friends Adam Davis & Libros Libres Mobile Library (at their new location) for a pre-Zinefest Kickstart party.
I’ll be showing some of my 9 to 5 cartoons and there’ll be a scavenger hunt and everything.
Oakland Local was nice enough to write it up for us.


What else… Well I just got home after getting lost 10 times in the city trying to find my way to SFSU on my bike. So confusing that city. But was stoked once I got to check out gallery space and hang out more with my curator partner, David De Rozaz (Gallery Manager for SFSU). If you didn’t hear from me or read below, this will be an exhibit about ZINES & DIY culuture presented by SF State University & RPS Collective and will feature myself, Lenae Day, Deth P Sun, Adam Davis & Joakim Dresher as well as much awesome zines we can feature.

One more thing. Shit, no wonder I’ve been leaving the house wearing mismatched shoes. I’ve been returned to work on a brand new video for a very talented old friend. I don’t see any details on the internet yet so I’ll just say it’s for their new album, and it’s going to be sweet.
Looking forward to getting back to 9 to 5 soon, though. I recorded such funny voices with my friends for this next coming episodes. can’t wait!

The Great Starbucks Run


The 2nd episode of 9 to 5 has been added above! I don’t want the rapid release of 9 to 5 shorts to shove out the other films so I’m gonna just creat a single poster for 9 to 5, and have the most recent short linked to it, and the other episodes can be reached through that.
Maybe in long run I’d like to get a 2nd carousel for 9 to 5 shorts only. Each episode is designed to be stand alone, and there’s a movie genre riffing theme I’m going to continue… it’d be fun to get them all lined up.

In other news, I just got started on a new Art Exhibition for SFSU College to open Late SEPT. I’ll be curating the show for RPS-Zines and showing art from my Zines with comrades, Lenae Day, Deth P Sun, Adam Davis & Joakim Drescher.


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