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Planet of Women

Video for Sonny & the Sunsets.

Music for Sonny & the Sunsets from the album, Tomorrow Is Alright. www.sonnysmith.com

Planet of Women

The Makers:

  • Animation:

    Teppei Ando

Planet of Women

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    Sonny and the Sunsets


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Harro. How’s it going, hope you had a good week.

I got a few updates of recent activity.

On Tuesday May 6th I’ll be at Berkley City College on a panel of Zine-makers facilitated by Ara Jo & Tomas Moniz (Rad Dad). I’m thinking to talk about progressing complexity of projects and executing of concepts. Following the panel (12-1:30pm) there will be a zine making workshop that I well help out at.
I’m hoping to have a new zine compliation of shorts ready to demo. At least a version of it so you can see how it works. Stay tunes for more info…

In closing, I finished a new music video that I’m really proud of. Only this time I took a leap of faith, it was a contest for one of my favorite bands ever. Please keep your fingers crossed for me! Anyways hope I can show it soon. I’m really proud of the visuals, i tried to feel the flow of the song I was working to.

Ok, that’s it! Have a good weekend!

A Lucky One now online!


A Lucky One is now online and can be seen above!  It was great to have gotten to present it on the big screen at SLIM’S, I still think it looks pretty sweet on the small screen.

I also opened up a Murder Dollhouse youtube channel so we can can get all the goodies flowing and easily accessiable. If you want to show your support for independent animation please subscribe!

I do have some exciting things planned for he near future so if you want to keep up with Murder Dollhouse awesomeness please do!

A Lucky One, SLIMS PREMIERE! Baggage Claim at The New Parkway


Hot off the presses! A Lucky One, my new animated Western for The Sam Chase song is premiering at SLIMS in S.F., preceding their live show.
I always like to treat my music video collaborations with like mini cinema epics, and this one holds back no power. I can’t wait to share it and overjoyed that we’ll be able to give it a big screen introduction. Friday, March 14th. Hope you can make it. For tickets go to http://tickets.slims-sf.com/evinfo.php?eventid=392405


The following weekend on Sunday March 23rd, Murder Dollhouse classic, BAGGAGE CLAIM will screen at The New Parkway Theater in Oakland during the I HELLA LOVE SHORTS Film Fest. I like to think of Baggage Claim is a hidden gem in the Animated Noir-Dark Comedy Bio-pic world, and can’t wait to show it to some new eyes.
I’ll be attending both events so come have a beer with me and enjoy the good times at the movies !

New Zine, New Shirt!


Just got back from LA Zinefest where I premiered  2 new items. I had an awesome time down there, saw many familiar faces and greeted may new ones as well. Both of the new items did really well and now they are available at out online giftshop.

18 Levels of Hell (NEW BOOK)

With the second volume of Murder Dollhouse books I went in a completly new direction, recalling something that terridied me when I was a young kid. I remember going to a HELL museum in Japan and seeing life sized depictions of Hell, each room with it’s own theme.
As an adult I was researching different culture’s ideas of the after life and the one that facinated me the most was the DIYU Hell, in which there are 18 different levels, each with it’s own set of sins and punishment.
This book serves as a guide to each of these 18 levels, a description of the sin and the punishment that will follow. Each level is drawn in detail with a spread-illustration totaling 36 pages of art.  Due to the subject matter, I was able to convey for fantastical elements than in my other books and dip into my Asian roots more than I have before.


I finally stepped up and made a shirt. For my first design I decided to go inspirational. I couldn’t think of anything more inspirational than the creation of a remote controlled Helicopter-Cat. Some people criticized the real life pet lover who taxidermied his expired cat into a mobile flying machine. But I respect his creatvity and am happy to live in a world that has enough room to include a Helicopter-Cat.

All shirts are white with classy black line art and currently available in Medium and Large. Unfortunately Smalls are currently SOLD OUT but might become available again with demand.

Check them both out at the new gift-shop section, powered by webmaster Derek Wood!

I recently completed a new music video epic for The Sam Chase so look forward to some high action Western coming your way. In the meantime I’m going to get started on some new projects I am excited about… See you soon hopefully!



See you at LA Zinefest!


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